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Hennatician Henna Brow Full Treatment Kit

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Do you want to learn the art of a Hennatician? This complete Henna treatment kit is for you. Hennatician is an incredible beauty treatment that tints BOTH skin (2-3 wks) & natural hair (6-8 wks). 💖 We are honoured to introduce and represent the STUNNING Nicole Jane, creator of HENNATICIAN.... Read More

Variant: Henna Kit Only

  • Henna Kit Only
  • add Henna Alkaline Bath
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Do you want to learn the art of a Hennatician? This complete Henna treatment kit is for you.

Hennatician is an incredible beauty treatment that tints BOTH skin (2-3 wks) & natural hair (6-8 wks). 💖

We are honoured to introduce and represent the STUNNING Nicole Jane, creator of HENNATICIAN. This incredible woman is a true beauty inside and out.

Steeped in ancient traditions of celebration, ceremony, marriage and fertility, Henna is a potent symbol of feminine empowerment and liberation. 💃💥❤️⁣
Nicole has delved deep into the origins of the henna plant. She has personally witnessed its path from seed to product. She has seen its transformative powers from living and working closely with people in different cultures and across continents. 🌎🌍🌏⁣
With expertise drawn from 17 years of experience in the paramedical and beauty industry, her mission is to bring this mystical product to the present day by combining it with modern techniques! 💖

Quickly becoming known as the BEST HENNA IN THE WORLD, we are SO PROUD to be representing HENNATICIAN by Henna Brow Australia here in North America!

PMU ARTISTS! Have you heard of the AMAZING PMU CONSULTATION TOOL THAT IS HENNA? If you have clients apprehensive about committing to a permanent powder brow THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION FRIENDS!

LASH ARTISTS! To us there’s nothing worse than creating beautiful lashes only to have your clients brows be a HOT MESS in your after pictures, am I right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Henna is an incredibly approachable treatment to add to your beauty repertoire to drive that REPEAT BUSINESS! 💵💵

Best of all it is a SAFE and wonderful option for those who cannot get permanent make up due to illness. What an incredible gift to offer! EXPAND YOUR MARKET AND CHANGE LIVES! 🌟


Our Hennatician Henna Treatment Kit will is designed for beauty professionals to want to give their clients a natural, effective and long lasting alternative to chemical eyebrow tinting.

Our Treatment Kit includes all pigments and correctors, application tools and even information flyers to help your clients with their before and after care.

We are passionate about helping beauty professionals perfect the art of henna brow treatments. Our Treatment Kits includes access to video tutorials and our private Facebook support group where you can participate in online trainings, get tips from the experts and ask questions.

Each bottle of pigment will colour approximately 20-25 sets of brows. Simply maintain your kit afterwards by replacing pigments.

With this Treatment Kit you’ll receive well over $380 in value.


  • 1x Deep umber henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Chocolate dust henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Burnt beige henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x  Graphite henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Onyx corrector 6gm
  • 1x Terra-copper corrector 6gm
  • 1x Glass dappen dish
  • 50 x salon flyers
  • 1x Pipette dropper
  • 1x Dual ended Henna Brow application brush
  • 100 pack of micro brushes


Email us at for a trainer in your area.




1) cleanse with a mild cleanser that allows for some natural oil to remain! NOT ALCOHOL PADS

2) use Hennatician Alkaline Bath to properly balance the PH of the skin. This is truly a game changer for retention

3) Apply HEAT! Use WARM distilled water to rewet (we recommend a Nano Mister for this) and don’t be afraid to apply heat during the drying time. HEAT ACTIVATES! 

4) Prep your Henna properly! This is a VERY saturated and pigmented product. You should only be using a PEA SIZED amount at most per treatment, mix thoroughly with WARM distilled water using a pigment mixer and allow to steep for a minimum 5 minutes (like your favourite cup of tea) DO NOT LET HENNA DRY OUT ON SKIN, please constantly reset using warm water spray or nano mister!

5) Getting Henna into dense brows: Adding a little bit more distilled water to the mixture to make more liquid really helps getting the henna into these challenging areas, and really rub it into those areas going against and into the flow of the natural hair with a fine point microbrush. The opposite will be true for clients with little/no brow hair or to apply freckles, use less warm distilled water to create more of a paste.


Play around with different color combinations and rewet cycles. Test test test on your inner lower arm.

Getting darker saturation: In order to get a darkening of some of the lighter HB colours, multiple re-wettings of the application may really help achieve the results you desire! 

You’ll see the difference between the darkening of 2 rewet & sets vs 3-4 rewet sets! You’ll be AMAZED!

If you follow these tips we believe you'll really enjoy this product and see AMAZING results! Hennatician typically 2-3 weeks on skin and 6-8 on hair depending on lifestyle.


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Henna kit only, Add henna alkaline bath



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