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Welcome to A.R.T. Areola Restorative Tattoo Products

The A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattooing represents teaching and tools designed to elevate the quality of post mastectomy specialty tattoos and care for clients and artists.

Years of immense work, heart, creativity and innovation have gone into creating these truly life-changing patented products by creators Stacie-Rae Weir & Samantha Rae.

HYVE Beauty is extremely HONOURED to be the Exclusive North American distribution partner for the A.R.T family. Our goal is to ensure that current and aspiring Tattoo Artists world-wide become very familiar with these incredible products and can purchase them easily and quickly!

Stacie-Rae - Artist, Author, Educator and International Speaker on the topic of Breast Cancer Tattooing.

She is an art-school educated Professional Tattoo Artist since 1996 who has always specialized in scar tattooing. Stacie-Rae has won awards for her realism fine art and tattooing, and has been published and interviewed for decades. 

After cancer ripped through her family she received a BRCA1 diagnosis and opted for a preventative mastectomy when doctors found a 'mass'. Saddened by the level of tattooing that medical professionals deem acceptable, as well as devastated by her own breast amputation, she was inspired to make some real changes in this industry.

The first thing opportunity she saw for improvement was artistic.  Post Mastectomy Nipple tattoos looked NOTHING like real nipples, so she created the A.R.T. book to teach people how to draw them, and to honour the history and healing powers of tattoo art.

One AMAZING byproduct of the A.R.T. book was NIPPLEBACKS - the worlds first realistic temporary nipple tattoos, a powerful emotional healing aid for survivors, to help them connect with their body again in a positive way.

She went on to co-curate the worlds first permanent pigment option - The "Pink Ribbon Series" with Samantha Rae and World Famous Tattoo Ink. This product contains NO heavy metals, is vegan, gamma ray sterilized and 100% safe for use following cancer treatment.

Recognizing the need for very specific Areola and Scar tattoo training products, she invented (and patented) the World's first scarred practice skin! These silicone skins have quickly become known as the most effective training tool used in medical tattooing.

Stacie-Rae's idea was brought to life by Samantha Rae, who developed the mold and hand-pours each skin to excellence and precision. 

Samantha Rae is a full time specialty tattoo artist who is certified in the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattooing.

Her strengths are poised in ‘beautification of the body’ with emphasis on scar coverage, tattoo cover-ups and detailed custom designs. Samantha shows up to provide healing art and a needed Sanctuary for those healing from Mastectomy surgery and other trauma.

 In 2018 Samantha Rae created ‘Mastectomy Evolution Design for Artistic Restorative Tattooing: ( MED / ART / PRO). This simple space was designed to bring together all favourite  tools for qualified ART practitioners.

With the help of BRCA1 pre-vivor and veteran tattoo artist Stacie-Rae Weir, both women spent several years researching the vast array of tattoo products which are available and approved for post mastectomy tattoo applications.

Conflicted with a wide range of quality in products and results, Samantha and Stacie-Rae knew that the issues were greater than pigment + machines + technique.

Empowered by knowledge pertaining to skin structure, tattoo mechanics & ink structure, Samantha Rae pioneered the creation of the ‘Pink Ribbon Series’ 16 x color ink set produced by World Famous Ink.

More recently, Samantha and Stacie-Rae collaborated to develop and patent the world’s first ART silicone practice skins which feature a range of post mastectomy damage and variable ethnic skin tones.

Samantha hand makes ART Silicone Skins, Mini's and more in her private studio on Vancouver Island in Canada’s western pacific region. This venue has become a beacon for Post Mastectomy clients to find healing ART and closure.

Now in partnership with HYVE Beauty, the A.R.T. team is truly thrilled to bring these INCREDIBLE Heart-led, handmade products to the WORLD. We as a team can say with absolute certainty that that these are the highest quality Areola tattoo training products you will EVER use!